Online Training Course On Regulatory Impact Analysis

Type: Media release

Date: Friday 4 December 2015

Assistant Minister for Productivity, the Hon Dr Peter Hendy, today announced the launch of the Commonwealth’s own Massive Open Online Course or MOOC on regulatory impact analysis that is freely available on the Office of Best Practice Regulation website and from

Effective regulatory impact analysis promotes a rigorous and evidence-based approach to policy development. The Government is committed to improving the culture of those developing regulation.

“The online course is designed to improve public servants’ ability to undertake rigorous regulatory impact analysis and develop the skills required to prepare best practice regulation,” Dr Hendy said.

“This is a practical and innovative way the Government is seeking to change the culture within government agencies towards regulatory reform. MOOCs are the training tools of the future, they allow on demand training at anytime from anywhere in the world, you just need an internet connection,” Dr Hendy said.

“The Coalition Government has achieved tremendous success with the reduction of Red Tape.

We committed to reducing Red Tape costs by $1 billion per year, and we have introduced legislation that will achieve $4.5 billion in only our first two years,” Dr Hendy said.

“Our new Regulatory Reform Agenda means pulling together threads of different policies into a whole-of-government agenda promoting growth and productivity,” said Dr Hendy.

The online course will be freely available to anyone in the community with an interest in regulatory impact analysis. The course is set out in module form allowing people the flexibility to learn about all aspects of regulatory analysis or just the element they are having most difficulty with.

‘I encourage all levels of the Australian Public Service to take the opportunity to develop their ability to prepare best practice Regulation Impact Statements by participating in this online course’, Dr Hendy said.